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We help companies achieve PDPA compliance easily


We provides SMEs and sole proprietors with the tools and training that is required to comply with the PDPA. As an SME-focused service provider, we customize our PDPA compliance and data protection services to ensure that they are cost-effective and painless to implement for SMEs.

  • Proficient – easy to use manual within 1-2 weeks
  • Depth – all PDPA requirements covered for you
  • Professional – comprehensive and adhere to regulations
  • Assure – efficient and cost-effective service


Ace Stallion Consultancy’s PDPA advisory, compliance and training services are provided on-site, with a hands-on, practical approach that delivers everything you need. Our training manuals will equip each SME’s Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) or Data Protection Team, to understand and master the flow of information/personal data within the organisation and to put in place the processes required for compliance with the PDPA.

Ace Stallion Consultancy’s Data Protection Officer Mr Kevin, equipped with a Diploma in Legal Studies and Practitioner Certificate in PDPA, will assist your organisation with PDPA compliances.

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